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Coaching & Leadership Development

“Transformation occurs when there is a profound shift in our interpretation of what is possible in our lives, and our actions are an expression of that new possibility.”

Julio Olalla

Is your team struggling to collaborate? Are your best-laid plans falling short of sustainable progress?
Are you apprehensive about charting a course through an unpredictable future?

It may be time to focus on the human interaction dimension of your business.
Often referred to as “the soft stuff,” we argue that it’s actually the hard stuff!

At Wide Open Spaces, we provide bespoke coaching and leadership development solutions for individuals, teams, and organisations.
We partner with clients to uncover their unique “Way of Being” – the deeply-held beliefs, attitudes and perceptions that shape their world – laying the foundation for genuine personal and systemic transformation.

Our approach equips clients to integrate their learnings into every facet of life,
fostering professional and personal fulfilment and contributing to the greater good.

Ontological Coaching and Leadership in Action (OCLIA) Workshop

Wide Open Spaces brings you this three-day experiential workshop through our professional
association with The Ontological Coaching Institute (Australia).
Learn how to get more done with less effort, and greater influence and impact.